How to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

How to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

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If you have a garden, one of the worst things you can see is a slug, that or multiple slugs. The common slug is one of the biggest pests that can infiltrate a garden, and they can wreak havoc on whatever you are growing.

These critters are voracious eaters, they will eat mostly everything and anything, and they multiply really quickly.

Therefore, if you see slugs in your garden or evidence that slugs have been chowing down on your plants, you take care of it right away. Let’s go over some of the most effective ways of getting rid of slugs in gardens.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Slugs

There are a variety of methods you can use to get rid of these pesky pests, and best is if you use a combination of the following methods.

Plants as Natural Deterrents

First off, there are some plants that you can put in your garden which act as natural slug deterrents. These plants will release substances or smells which will deter slugs from coming into your garden. Some of the best slug deterring plants out there include fennel, anise, rosemary, Astrantia, rue, and wormwood.

Beer Traps

For one reason or another, probably the sweetness, slugs love beer. Therefore, using a beer trap to lure slugs away from your plants and to trap them there always makes for a good solution. You can buy special beer traps just for this purpose, or you can always cut off the top of a can of beer, empty it about half way, and bury it in the sand. The slugs will fall in and get stuck.

Removing Slug Shelters

Slugs are not big fans of daylight, so they will often find things like rocks, sticks, and old logs to hide under. If you can manage to remove any such shelters which slugs might use for cover, it should go a long way in deterring them from coming into your garden in the first place.

Encouraging Predators

Fortunately for you, there are many natural predators out there that love eating slugs. Toads, newts, frogs, birds, slug eating beetles, hedgehogs, and various birds all love munching down on these meaty morsels. Do some research and find out how you can attract these animals to your garden, as they will help you get rid of your slug problem.

A Slippery Slope

If you are using plant pots or potters to grow various plants, one option is to make the pots slippery on the outside. Some people use axle grease or even something like WD40, while others might use some simple Vaseline jelly. If the pots are too slippery for the slugs to climb, they won’t make it to your plants.

Making Sharp Barriers

If your garden is on the ground, such as right in the soil in your backyard, making a slippery slope may not be an option. However, what is an option is making a prickly or spiky barrier. Slugs are soft and have no shells, so anything sharp will deter them. You can use thorns, crushed egg shells, pine needles, and anything else of this sort to make a barrier which slugs will not be able to pass over.

Use Copper Tape

Copper tape is also a go-to option because for some reason, slug slime reacts with copper tape. In essence, copper tape will serve as a makeshift taser, which will shock the slugs when they pass over it. More or less, this makes an electric fence to keep these critters away. You can easily find self-adhesive copper tape, which you can then stick to pots, planters, and all sorts of other places too.


Salt is a killer for slugs. If you sprinkle some salt on a slug, it won’t take long for it to die. However, keep in mind that too much salt can kill your plants as well, so be careful if you choose to go this way.

How to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

Catch them at Night

Slugs come out to feed at night, so walking around your garden at night with a flashlight to catch them in action is a great way to spot them. This way, you can just scoop them up and get rid of them.

Using a Lure

You can make a lure for slugs by placing some old lettuce leaves in a specific location. The slugs will be attracted to the old lettuce. Simply get a bag, scoop up the lettuce along with all of the slugs — problem solved.


If you are having slug problems in your garden, try using any and all of the above control methods. If you use enough of these methods in combination, you shouldn’t be seeing any more slugs anytime soon.

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